Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Treo HotSync stuck on synchronizing memos

I wanted to jot this down in case anyone else has the same problem. I have a Palm Treo (been using Palm devices heavily for 12 years now!) and in the last few days had a major problem - I couldn't hotsync with my desktop anymore. It got stuck on synchronizing memos - and believe me, I waited a long time. None of the suggestions that I saw online fixed the problem.

So - I went into the hotsync settings (they aren't in your Palm Desktop, they're in the Hotsync manager, which should be in your system tray). And, for Memos, I configured it to "Desktop overwrites Handheld". I didn't have any particular edits in the handheld that I cared about, so this was fine by me. And then - viola! Everything synchonized fine. I'm assuming there was some kind of corruption in my desktop.

For some reason, I didn't need to go back and set it to the regular synchronize settings - it did that automatically. But you should probably check this.


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