Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Grafitti on the Android

I saw a post yesterday on Lifehacker on How to Find the Right Android Keyboard for You. I love my Android phone, but have been very frustrated with the keyboard ever since I got it, so I was very interested in the available options. I tried out the 8pen - very interesting concept, but it seemed like it would take a while to learn and get fast on it.

But it inspired me to look around some more. Lo and behold - it turns out that Grafitti, the text input that I used for many years when I was using the Palm, is available for the Android! I tried it out, and it's just as simple and straightforward as it was on the Palm. I love it! It's so much more fun than using that frustrating tiny little built-in Android keyboard. There's a free ad-supported version available which I'm using - I'll switch to the pro version as soon as I'm 100% sure that I like it. But so far, it's awesome.

Grafitti on the Android - YES!


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