Sunday, May 04, 2014

A new indoor sport - Floor Pong

I've always been interested in racquet sports - ping pong when I was growing up, and then some tennis, and also a new sport called Speedminton or Speed Badminton. I never got good at any of them, but I always enjoyed playing.

After some friends of ours got a ping pong table, I tried to envision where we could fit one in at our house. There's really just not adequate room, though. But it stayed on my mind. Cleaning the garage recently, I found the ping pong paddles that we'd bought while we were living in Geneva (our apartment was too small, but there were lots of ping pong tables outside in parks).

I brought them inside, and tried to figure out what kind of game we could play, in the space we have. I ended up with a game very much like ping pong, just played on the floor. I put down some blue masking tape to mark the dimensions of the table (9 by 5 feet), with a line in the middle.  The rules are very similar to ping pong, but usually we just play without scoring.

One big difference between floor pong and ping pong is that in floor pong, the game quickly gets very close to the floor, involving a lot of bending of the knees. It give you a much better workout than playing regular ping pong - great for the quadriceps, too!


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