Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kayaking - Yarrow Point

This morning Jean and I got to our launch point off NE 42nd Street in Yarrow Point very early - 6:45 AM. The launch point doesn't show up on any maps, I only know about it from having been there before.

Yarrow Point is an area of extremely expensive homes - 5 to 7 million dollars is not uncommon, especially the ones on the waterfront. It's really interesting to paddle around their "backyards" on the water, and get a glimpse of their toys - sailboats, float planes, etc.

The owners of this house set up a sandy beach. It looked great, but the sand was washing away quickly
Jean, posing in front of the biggest boat we've seen so far

The white slide is a track for large orange inflatable balls that you can climb inside, then roll down to the water
Lots of float planes on the water!


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