Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ladies who Launch kayak trip - east side of Mercer Island

Another lovely kayak trip, starting from the Mercer Island Boat Launch. We've launched from here before, but that was an a Sunday afternoon/evening, and there was a tremendous amount of boat traffic. It made the water extremely choppy and hard to paddle in, we didn't get very far.

It was very different this time. It was very quiet and peaceful, and we saw only 1 other boat. The folding kayaks did well in the water as usual, my only issue, (again, as usual), was assembly, which always feels like a stressful workout. My friend Jean has much more of a knack for it than I do, luckily she helps me out and makes the parts fly together when I get frustrated.

The pictures are from a little detour that we took to Newport Shores - the "little Venice" of Lake Washington, with 2 canals leading into the neighborhood. Seems like a good way to add more "waterfront" to the lake, but I'm pretty sure that environmental regulations wouldn't permit it nowadays.


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