Saturday, April 09, 2016

How to create a shortcut on your Android phone to a Google drive doc

The shortcut to my Google doc is in the bottom right corner, above the email icon
I wanted to create a link on my phone recently, to a Google drive doc that I wanted to have quick and easy access to. It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, so I thought I would repay the world a favor (considering how often I go to the internet for help) and write up how to do it. It's actually very easy once you get past a couple gotchas. This is on Android version 5.1, I'm not sure what other versions it works on.

Step 1 - Go to a blank space on your phone home screen, and long press on the screen.

Step 2 - You'll get a screen that has, on the bottom, the choice of Wallpapers, Widgets, and Settings. Choose Widgets.

Step 3 - Now you get a list of all the widgets that are available. Scroll down until you see Drive (Google Drive).

Step 4 - On my phone, all I saw was 2 options, Drive 4 x 1, and Drive scan 1 x 1. This puzzled me for quite a while. Finally, I realized that you can scroll off to the right, and I found Drive shortcut 1 x 1. Touch and hold on this.

Step 5 - It may look like nothing is happening here, but after a few seconds, it should bring up your Google Drive. Find the document you're looking for, highlight it, and click Select.

Step 6 - You should now have a shortcut on your phone home screen for this doc. Enjoy!


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