Thursday, January 05, 2017

The happiness of little fixes

The little fixes I'm talking about are the little physical things that don't work in your life. These are things that bug you frequently, but aren't necessarily serious enough for you to spend a lot of time and money on.

For instance, in the cabinet above my oven, I had no good place to store the lid for a casserole dish. I would always just prop it up on the side, trying to get the angle right so that it wouldn't slide down. But it usually would slide down, and prevent me from easily taking out my frequently used casserole dish. 

So recently I fixed it. It's a really hacky fix, but it works great. I just taped a large plastic straw from McDonald's down at about the right spot, so the lid couldn't slide. It took about 5 minutes, once I decided to do it, and almost all of that was finding the straw. But it works great now, I can get things in and out much more easily.

Another fix was sewing up my plastic laundry basket, which was tearing in a high-stress spot. There's nothing special about this laundry basket, but it's slimmer and lighter than the ones sold nowadays, so I wanted to keep it. I had fun with this, drilling holes in the plastic and sewing it up with a piece of plastic coated wire. The fix has lasted now at least 5 years or so, with no further tearing.

Making fixes like this is a good mood builder, for a couple reasons:

  • I've solved a problem that persistently bugged me
  • My environment now suits me better
  • When I later see these little fixes, I get a little micro burst of competency
Try it out! Find something small in your home that bugs you, and fix it. You'll love it!


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