Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I love Target

I was at Target the other day, returning something. I love the place for numerous reasons, but right now I want to rave about their returns. It's such a simple, straightforward process, especially if you bought the item on your credit card. I don't even bother saving my receipts from Target anymore, because all they need is the barcode from what you bought, and the credit card. They'll do a credit to your credit card within seconds, and then you're walking away from the customer service area, thinking, "Jeez, that was easy - why can't all stores be like this?".

I was returning some comforters to Ikea this weekend. There's a lot I like about Ikea, but their returns process are a distant second to Target. They were able to credit my return without a receipt, but they had to know the week that I made the purchase, then went off to a back room somewhere to do look it up on their database. Nowhere near as smooth a process as Target.


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