Thursday, January 12, 2006

My strength workout - making it easy and quick!

In my quest to get the best workout in a relatively short period of time, I'm looking at my strength workout. How do I motivate myself to actually do this? What's the minimum I need to do in order to stay strong?

My regular aerobic workout is 30 minutes, 4 times a week. I work out on the treadmill while watching TV (yea for TiVo!) and try to break a good sweat by going uphill or doing some jogging. I also do a 15 or 20 minute brisk walk on the treadmill on those days that I work and have very little time in the morning. I have no problem at all motivating myself to do the aerobic workout - it's my chance to watch some of the home decorating/home organization shows I've taped!

However, motivating myself to do strength exercises is a different story. I tried doing some strength exercises in the evenings, while watching some TV with Eric. It doesn't work well for me. It requires an enormous effort of will to get off the couch, plus I'm tired in the evening anyway. So, I'm going to tack the strength exercises onto my morning workout, though time is very tight then. My goal is to add only 5 minutes to my workout time. This means a limited number of exercises, and only one set. I'm tentatively thinking push ups, leg lifts and sit ups (both on the exercise ball), and maybe a few others. I'd have to rotate them to keep under the 5 minute deadline.

By the way, I've dropped stretching entirely. The latest info is that it doesn't do you any good, and actually causes more injuries than not stretching.


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