Monday, March 13, 2006

My latest productivity enhancement - dump the junk!

I was getting annoyed with myself recently at how little I've been getting done. Tasks seemed to have an eternal life on my To Do list, irritating me each time I looked at them.

What was stopping me from getting things done? It wasn't my 2 year old - I had time in the evening after he had gone to bed. It was the fact that my time was taken up in doing so many other activities. Just like good food is crowded out by junk food, productive time can be crowded out by "junk time". I define junk time for myself as web surfing, TV, and reading. Reading is tricky, because obviously, certain types of reading can be great.

My plan (in effect a whole 2 days now) is to BAN all the life-energy sucking activities mentioned above - web surfing, TV, and reading. I've gotten so much done in the past couple days! Things that had been dragging me down for weeks - I got them done, because I had nothing else to do!

Is this a sustainable system? Probably not. I've built in some exceptions (Friday night movies, etc) but I still don't see this lasting forever. I'll learn something from it, though, which will be great.


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