Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another productivity enhancement

I'll admit that I tend to think more than most people about how I could make my life more productive and efficient. Okay, okay, a lot more! Hey, at least I'm not like some people whose blogs I've read. They seem to spend far more time thinking and writing about the lastest time management methodology than actually doing anything.

One of my recent posts (My latest productivity enhancement - dump the junk!) was about how my new plan was to totally cut out all time-wasting activities. This eliminated web surfing, TV, and leisure reading. I knew it wouldn't last long, because it was pretty extreme, but it really didn't last long - about 3 days. That's 1 day after I wrote up a post on it.

What didn't work? It felt too punitive. I expended too much willpower in not doing things, as opposed to doing the right things.

Anyway, I'm back to the old standby now, which is

a.) making a list of things to do each day, and
b.) actually doing what's on the list

The main enhancement is that I plan to do this, without exceptions, for a full month. This is supposedly how long it takes to create a habit. I've done it now for 2 weeks, and have 14 little stars on my calendar to show for it. Halfway through! It feels really good.


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