Saturday, January 13, 2007

Minimizing how often I need to go grocery shopping

I try to have us eat as many meals as possible at home. Home cooking (at least, my home cooking) is far healthier than eating at restaurants, not to mention more convenient and cheaper. Of course, you also need to consider the time you spend grocery shopping. I don't particularly enjoy that, so I like to buy items that are nutritious, and stay fresh for a long time.

I collect tasty, healthy recipes for things that don't require a lot of fresh ingredients. For example, 3 bean salad made of various types of canned beans. The only fresh ingredients are onions and parsley. Onions last a very long time in the fridge, so you'd only need to buy the parsley fresh.

Or my corn and black bean salad. Very yummy, the only fresh ingredients it requires are onion and cilantro.

Cabbage, in the form of cole slaw, is great. Delicious, healthy, everyone loves it, and cabbage lasts for weeks in the fridge - unlike green salad, which lasts a few days.

Cauliflower is another very healthy vegetable, and a good keeper in the fridge. Lasts a couple weeks at the least.

Let's not forget carrots! They last forever as well. Need some more carrot recipes. I do have some carrot slaw recipes that are great.

I could use some more tips for keeping cilantro and parsley fresh in the fridge, though. These are some very useful herbs, but they have a tendancy to go all brown and mushy in my fridge.


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