Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's so great about organic foods?

I've been thinking about writing up something on organic foods for a long time. I've never seen much (any?) evidence that they're actually better for you. They certainly are much more expensive. Anyway, there was recently an article in the Wall Street Journal about organics, "Are Organic Food Advocates in Thrall to Mythology Rather Than Science?". Very interesting. Here's some choice excerpts:

"Organic-certification rules only prohibit most, although not all, "synthetic substances and ingredients." The word "chemical" isn't used in the rules because there is no intrinsic physical difference between the categories of synthetic and nonsynthetic substances. They are all chemicals."

" currently approved crop pesticide, whether organic or not, has any detectable effect on the health of consumers. The enormous premium paid to purchase organic foods is based on mythology, not fact."

Interesting stuff. Now I need to figure out a good non-confrontational way to bring that up with people.


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