Sunday, September 23, 2007

Avoiding Colds this winter

I'm just now getting over a cold, which became complicated by a serious cough and sinus infection - the first sinus infection that I've ever had. I was never sick enough to stay in bed, but I was sick enough to stop working out, doing any kind of projects - basically doing anything other than the bare essentials.

My plan this winter is to avoid catching any more colds. I've been doing some research online on how best do this. Basic handwashing is recommended very frequently. But why is it recommended to use alcohol gel based sanitizers only when washing with soap and water isn't available? It seems that the sanitizers would be even more effective. Anyway - I'm proceeding on the assumption that using a hand sanitizer is just as good.

The other recommendation is - avoid touching your face. Touching your nose and eyes in particular is supposed to be a very effective way to transmit cold viruses - exactly what I don't want.

So, I'm planning a two pronged attack:
1. Use hand sanitizer frequently. Maybe I can try to do it every time I get home from being out and about, and every time I get in the car after shopping. Plus at work - whenever I get to my desk from talking to someone, or using the restroom.

2. Don't touch my face at all - if I need to scratch, use the back of my hand.

My endeavor is complicated by the fact that I have a 3 year old son in daycare. Stay tuned to see if I can avoid colds this winter.


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