Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fun is different when you have kids

Yesterday I went to Newcastle Beach Park with both Kenny and Peter. It's not easy to go swimming with a preschooler, when you have an infant with as well. Nevertheless, Kenny and I had lots of fun in the water (and there were friends at the beach who were able to watch Peter for a while).

The epiphany for me was that what I think of as fun has changed dramatically since I had kids. Before, fun at a beach park would have meant hanging out with friends, getting a good swim in, reading an enjoyable book. But now with kids, my priorities have changed. I have a lot of fun, just watching Kenny enjoy himself in the water. We never even went above knee height for me (waist high for Kenny), but Kenny had a big grin on his face the entire time. We played chase, with Kenny and Kenji chasing me as I splashed through the water, and also spotted little fish, no more than two inches long, darting through the shallow water. And fun was had by everyone. Although Peter did sleep through almost all of it...


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