Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Organizing tip - you need a "Donate" box right in your closet!

I used to be pretty good about getting rid of things - I'd occasionally (every year or so) go through my closet, and put aside things that I no longer needed. That still left a whole year or more for things to accumulate, though.

Recently I put a box, labeled "Donate", right in the closet. It's amazing what a difference it's made. Now, when I decide that I no longer want something, I don't put it back on a hanger until my yearly clean-up. I just put it in the "Donate" box. Having the box right there may not seem like much, but the mere fact that I don't even need to take an extra step makes a big difference. Then, when it gets full, I bag it and put it in the car to bring to the goodwill.

I've noticed this in a lot of areas of my life. The easier you make it to "do the right thing" (having the right foods right there when you want to eat better, exercise clothing and equipment ready when you'd like to exercise more), the more likely it will happen.


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