Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ditto - the most useful application you've never heard of

What is Ditto?

It's a free clipboard manager, that extends the functionality of the standard Windows clipboard. Everything that you copy to the clipboard is stored, instead of disappearing the next time you copy something. To retrieve it, you just hit a key combination (mine is ctrl + `, the default). There's a search functionality which allows you to search everything you copied, which I use frequently as well.

The user interface. I had been doing some copying/pasting while writing code.
Most people haven't heard of clipboard managers. But whenever anyone is watching me do some work on the computer, and I pop up Ditto, they're always intrigued by it, and can see immediately how it could be very useful.

I haven't tried any other clipboard managers, but I'll stick with Ditto for now. It works, is simple, and works well.

There's a download here.  Enjoy!


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