Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yummy, super-easy microwave cheese crisps

Years ago I had fancy cheese crisps as an appetizer at a friends house. It was mind-bendingly delicious. I assumed that some special technique and great skill was required, but it turns out that there's a microwave version that just couldn't be easier. If you have any kind of cheese, then the only thing you'll need to buy is some parchment paper (which is an absolute must).

Here's the steps:

- Slice up some cheese onto parchment paper, in about one inch squares. Actually, the size isn't really critical, nor does it need to be sliced evenly - it'll all melt completely. You can use grated cheese as well, but if you just have block cheese, don't bother grating it. I've tried cheddar and parmesan cheese, and they both work very well. And online, I've seen recipes using other cheeses like mozzarella, etc.

- Put the cheese slices on parchment paper into the microwave. I just put the parchment paper directly onto the microwave tray, but you could put it on a plate as well.

- Microwave it on high power it for about 90 seconds (timing will vary depending on your microwave). The cheese will melt, and after melting will start to get crispy and brownish. Check frequently, at least every 15 seconds or so - definitely don't step away or let it get too brown.

And voila!  Carefully peel the cheese crisps off the parchment paper, and serve.  Crispy, salty, cheesy - what's not to like!

Crispy deliciousness


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